Like good storytelling, in order to achieve good video composition you have to make every detail count and keep the audience engaged in your story.
Wethepeople crew combines the art of storytelling with the art of film making & creates a unique & high quality result to meet all needs

WTP crew cover a wide range of projects varying from small single-camera takes to big multi-camera shoots with groups of production personnel.

• Corporate Videos
• Brand Videos
• Web commercials
• Social Media Videos
• Promo videos
• Documentaries
• Viral Videos
• TV Commercials
• Tutorial Videos
• Music Videos

Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities… Much more so than music or language.

3D animation – VFX
It’s not the technology and the tools used, it’s the artistry that makes a story fascinating.
3D animation’s simulations help in creating an emotional connection with the audience. We take the idea and we create a final project that help us communicate to the audience the big idea.

[item title=”3D animation services”]
• Character animations
• Real-time rendering
• Modelling
• Rigging
• Photorealistic animation
• Concept designs
• 3D models
• Texturing
[item title=”Visual Effects”]
• Storyboards
• Previsualization
• Compositing
• Video Editing
• Motion Graphics
• 3D Animation

No matter the tool, our VFX team’s mission is to help create the most convincing and compelling story possible.