About Us

We conceive it, we capture it, we promote it, WeThePeople!

WeThePeople is a party of professionals who focus on producing visual and verbal content, carrying out all kinds of marketing campaigns and consultancy.

Our core members Panagiotis Karamitsos and Liza Apostolopoulou, after working together and apart on various projects, formed the company in 2011 to combine and express their passion/appetite for film and ad production.

The need of our clients for an ‘all inclusive’ package of high end services and expertise, lead us to create the basis for a unique holistic marketing approach which include off/on line marketing planning, the necessary visual content and supervising the whole execution of the promotional acts.

We aim to develop creative concepts that defy the conventions of traditional video making.


Our Vision

Our vision is to listen and care about our clients’ needs, in order to deliver high-end production and marketing services in the most innovative/well-communicated way.

Wethepeople earned a variety of awards such as Ermis Awards which set our vision to higher levels:

  • Expand our activities on Digital Marketing Solution, in Offline/online Marketing consulting abroad.
  • Gaining more filming & advertising awards, not only in the Hellenic industy, so Cannes, Berlin, Sundance Film Festival is around the corner.